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Solo then lead developer for both Etsy's iPhone and iPad apps.

Over five million downloads and tens of millions in sales.

Etsy for iPhone and iPad

Designed and developed independently to look as good as Etsy, for both buyers and sellers.

Acquired by Etsy in 2010.

Etsy Lovers

A unique physical multiplayer game launched alongside the iPhone 4 and taking advantage of the new gyroscope.

Featured by Apple.

Flip It!

An interactive narrative where text is brought to life in a way that maintains the emphasis on the words.

Funded by the UK Arts Council.

The Winter House

An infinite canvas for organic note-taking and tasks, created for the iPad launch.

Simple, intuitive and fully multi-touch.


Lead game design from concept to product on a social kid's game for 7-12 year olds.

From zero to 20 million players, and now far beyond.

Moshi Monsters

An award-winning alternate reality game played out online over two years.

Dozens of interactive live events, real world treasure hunts and a labyrinth of fictional websites.

Perplex City

More to come.

An iPad/board game crossover where you control the destiny of someone's life.

Created and produced in under 48 hours.

Status: Tweaking

YODO: You Only Die Once

A collection of addictive puzzle games on iPad and iPhone, generated automatically.

Status: Playable, but sidelined

Puzzle Box

A simple 3D engine for iOS, with shader support and custom model format. Highly optimised for recording augmented 3D over video.

Status: Part of another project


Full Evernote client that tracks, organises and visualises arbitrary data; weight, recipe calories, holiday planning, mood, finances.

Status: Created for an API contest


A mini Twitter project that allowed visitors to find tweets based on emotions; envy, greed, happiness, lust, disgust.

Status: In the mists of time


Pre-Foursquare, an iPhone game that turned POIs in to turf to be fought on. Gain points by taking locations and see your team's progress on a map.

Status: In the mists of time